Adventures in Sugar Waxing Part II

I have to confess that I don’t give up easily, and when the quest is to find a longer lasting way to keep the hair off my legs I am willing to try all manner of crazy methods. My first try at sugar waxing was a dismal failure, but after skipping a couple weeks of shaving I thought I’d print out the directions and give it another go with no substitutions in the recipe.

I carefully pulled out some of my cleaning clothes made from old T-shirts and stacked them next to my bathtub with a popsicle stick. I was going to do this right if I was doing it at all!

Combining the sugar, water, and lemon juice on the stove was the easy part. I make sugar syrup type concoctions all the time when I’m canning things. However, I got a little impatient in the cooling process because I was simultaneously allowing my bread to rise and letting the cats run around behind the baby gate in the back half of the house.

So, yeah, I burned the living daylights out of my left ankle when I smeared a small portion of sugar mixture onto my skin. Then I did exactly what I shouldn’t have done: stuck my leg under cold running water to soothe the pain. If you like prying hard candy off your hairy, sensitive skin you’ll love my method for cooling too hot sugar mixture.

By the time I’d finished getting the sugar lump off my leg the remaining mixture had cooled too much to spread, so I had to climb over the baby gate, nuke it in the microwave, and go back over the baby gate to my bathroom. I managed to not burn myself again, but after a few passes I realized that I was only getting about two-thirds of the hairs on my legs with each pass. My skin was too tender to consider trying it again to pull out the remaining hairs. After several attempts with the same results I gave up and got the shaving cream and razor.

sugar wax

I then had the fun of trying to wash hard sugar mixture off my dishes (see above). I had to soak each piece for at least thirty minutes for the sugar to redissolve.

The next time I want my legs waxed I will find a reasonably priced spa and find some nice, experienced individual to take care of it for me. I obviously just am not smart enough to do it myself!


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