Ringing in the New Year With Technology Woes


My tiny little Acer decided to not turn on Monday night, much to my consternation and frustration. It’s not a fancy machine (it still uses Windows XP), but I was able to run basic games, the Internet, Adobe Reader, and my word processing software without too many hitches. Sure, it didn’t work for anything requiring powerful graphics support and made grinding noises when I used the CD-Rom drive, but it kept me connected to my online community.

I’ve been without a computer at home for two and a half days, and I feel like I’ve lost a limb. I just don’t know how to function without immediate access to the World Wide Web anymore. I’ve read nearly two hundred pages of my Kindle edition of Lark Rise to Candleford since I don’t have the enticing internet world to entertain me while I hang out with the cats, and I rented V/H/S 2 via Redbox (two of the four shorts were pretty good; the others were meh.)

My iPhone is the only thing keeping me from entirely losing it because I can still access emails at home. My wireless network, which is separate from the computer, is still up and running happily. Still not being able to handle attachments or edit things is driving me slightly mad. Also, I nearly melted down over not being able to synch my iPod with iTunes until I realized I could use the podcasts app on my phone to get new episodes.

I will be getting a new computer in the next week or so thanks to the generosity of my father who realizes that I do work at home these days and must have a computer. Until then I will work my way through the immense pile of reading material given to me for Christmas.


About jlscaife

30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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