A Slightly Early Year in Review


Christmas has passed, and time keeps hurtling toward 2014, the year that we all hope will bring more prosperity, success, and happiness to everyone even if we privately have our doubts. I am cautiously optimistic for 2014, which tends to be how I approach everything these days. Trying to be positive helps fight my natural tendency toward depression, and being cautious helps mitigate my disappointment if things stay the same or get worse. 2013 has turned out to be a pretty amazing year for me though, so here’s hoping things get better.

My biggest change in 2013 was becoming a contributor to Fanboy Comics in August. I’d been a fan of the site for a couple of years as well as the tangentially related The Katniss Chronicles, an unauthorized audio drama of The Hunger Games. However, I’d never expressed an interest in reviewing or really thought I had the right type of skills to work for a pop culture website. Then I created this blog, did a few reviews, and was offered a guest contributor position for a fledgling company that I adore (I became a full contributor in October, which got me a nifty bio with photo and my own listing on the site). No, I’m not making any money off the reviews, but I’ve gotten to read some amazing (and not so amazing) comics and novels as a reviewer. I also discovered that I really enjoy connecting with creators to talk about my reaction to their works. I’ve even gotten a few little freebies passed my way from smaller press creators as a thank you when I like their stuff (no, I was not bribed to give nice reviews.) Working with FBC also helped me during a time where I was feeling very powerless and unhappy with my life. It gave me an outlet for creativity and helped spark something inside that had gone dormant. I hope to continue the relationship into 2014 and keep it as beneficial for both sides as possible!

My second big change in 2013 is that I restarted copy-editing again. I had done it in the past for economic reports, but that had trickled dry. I really didn’t think anything off it until I connected with Robert J Peterson at California Coldblood Books through some serious guanxi (yes, Dr. Field, I did learn something from that Asian business course) through FBC and a review on this little blog. We’ve determined that we can work reasonably well together, and we’re hoping that we can continue our business relationship into 2014. It helps that I love reading Bob’s stuff, so even when I’m copyediting it’s still a lot of fun.

On a more personal note I’ve made it through this year with all of my pets, which is a big deal now that four of the five dogs are geriatric (Perdita is nearly 13, Suzuka and Miki are 13 1/2, and Akane is 14.) Two of my cats are FIV+, so even though Gabe is only about 10-12, and Rhys is a young 5 disaster could strike at any time. However, they’ve kept trucking with no symptoms while my house feral, Namir, is insanely healthy.

I also started pushing myself while running with Patience this year although the last two terrain/street runs are making it patently obvious that I need to move a little more slowly on adding non-track routes. I’ve never loved running, but it feels good to make sure my baby dog (she turned five this month though!) gets plenty of exercise since my oldsters are not always in the mood to play.

Hopefully, all of these things continue in 2014, but we’ll take life as it comes. May everyone’s New Year’s be bright!


About jlscaife

30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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