Running Route Boredom

Patience and I have finally increased our runs to between 4.65 and 5.05 miles depending on whether I’m walking/running another dog after her run, and both of us are getting a little bored with the quarter mile oval next to the middle school. However, there are several factors limiting where we can go on our runs.

The primary one is that I trip a lot on uneven surfaces, and switching to the track was to prevent myself from another bad shoulder/neck injury. The track has had its own set of issues with the recent freezing weather because the track doesn’t drain well. I’ve had to avoid puddles and icy patches in the past few months, but I don’t trip and fall. This is a huge plus.

The second reason I stick to the track is that Patience is extremely leash reactive. We’re less likely to run into other dog walkers or people trying to pass us closely when we go to the school. I’d love to take her to the Town Lake/Lady Bird Lake hike and bike trail (map below), but there’s no way I can keep her below threshold in that environment. Most trails we could use have a lot of walkers, bikers, and joggers plus other dogs. My crazy girl just can’t do it.


The third reason to be cautious about changing up my running route too much is that I’m running very early in the morning (5:30 to 6). While there are places near my house with trails, generally speaking, choosing to run on an isolated trail in a park in the dark before many people are out falls under the heading of “a bad life choice.” While nothing might occur, I wouldn’t be actively being cautious about my safety even if Patience probably would bite someone trying to harm me.I need to make the effort to map out some other routes on maintained sidewalks, but for the time being, Patience and I are at the school. I want to try to get up to four miles on the track anyway.


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