My Thoughts on Katniss Just Choosing Both

Hunger Games

A fascinating article about the dynamics of Katniss’ choice between the two young men in her life, Peeta and Gale, and what it might mean if she didn’t have to select one over the other appeared on Jezebel’s website earlier this week. It is an excellent analysis of polyamory as well as the relationships in The Hunger Games, but it misses the most important point, in my opinion: Katniss’ own personality.

I’m not going to preach for or against polyamory simply because while I am not poly, I don’t consider myself an expert on what works for other people. I do think it’s a difficult prospect for teenagers because we’re still learning about ourselves at that point, and trying to maintain a relationship with one person at a time truly should be all we tackle as we learn who we really are. However, consenting adults have the right to choose the relationship style/shape/flavour that works for them.

My main issue with Katniss trying to engage in a poly relationship is that she is so emotionally closed off and uncommunicative that it’s amazing she attempts to be romantically involved with ONE person by the end of the series let alone two or more. Communication is the key to a solid poly group, be they a triad or a series of primary and secondary relationships, and Katniss just doesn’t know herself well enough or how to express what she wants to make it work.

On a less serious note I also can’t see Gale or Peeta being very good about sharing Katniss, at least not at this stage in their lives. While they reach a grudging understanding in Mockingjay, I think having sexual access to the young woman they both love would erode away their truce. I do think that Peeta would be willing to try dealing with Katniss being poly if he thought it would truly make her happy; he’s just that kind of guy. However, Gale is not; he is very all or nothing, and that attitude wouldn’t work long term.Effectively while I think the idea of the main three in The Hunger Games becoming a poly family is interesting, I just don’t think it could work. You’d probably have better luck with the Amity over in the Divergent universe.


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