I’ve Found a Viable Coffee Alternative!


I’d heard of herbal coffee before, but I chalked it up as a less than satisfactory alternative when real coffee was available. I didn’t want something without caffeine because it was a big motivator behind drinking coffee, so I pushed the knowledge to the back of my brain for use in Trivial Pursuit. Then about two years ago I gave up coffee because it messed with my estrogen levels, and I also began avoiding caffeine altogether to stabilize my moods and depression. I decided to resign myself to a life of herbal tea as the sole source of hot breakfast drinks (most cocoa mixes have milk and/or soy lecithin in them, so I also avoid those) and began the difficult process of weaning myself off the beloved bean.

About a month ago someone mentioned Teeccino on a Facebook post where we were discussing not ingesting caffeine, and my life changed. I had drunk some herbal coffee I’d found in my pantry, but it wasn’t really coffee like. However, knowing that there were other varieties really inspired me to seek it out. The Teeccino website indicated that many local stores carried their products, but I quickly discovered that most of them only had the Yogi Teas, which is a related company. I ordered a small sampler pack off the website and waited eagerly for the packet to arrive.

I didn’t love all of the flavours, but I enjoyed them enough to want to buy larger sizes of some of them. I especially appreciated how the flavoured varieties actually contained the items listed as the flavour i.e. hazelnut actually had hazelnuts in it. I actually loathe most flavoured coffees because they never taste like the flavour (there’s a horrible local ad for bread pudding flavoured coffee. Yuck!), but these tasted good! However, because shipping was a little pricey I resigned myself getting it as a treat every once in a while.

Then I found that the Natural Grocers in Austin carries a few varieties of Teeccino in the store. I happily bought a bag of the ground stuff that I could use with my coffee maker and have enjoyed having warm pseudo-coffee on two semi-cool mornings so far!


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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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