Running when Austin Flirts with Fall

A gloriously wonderful cold front came through Austin last night, and our evening temps dipped into the mid-50’s. I prepared for the blessedly cool weather and looked forward to getting to run when walking outside didn’t involve slamming into a wall of moisture. Then it rained.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that Central Texas is in dire need of rain; I just wanted to feel the cool air without the layer of humidity caressing my skin. However, cool humidity is a far cry from hot, muggy humidity.

I accidentally overslept by fifteen minutes this morning because my alarm clock wasn’t set enough (it appeared to be set, but I hadn’t clicked it completely into the on position), which threw off my entire schedule. At least most of my neighbors prefer to not walk their dogs in the dark when they don’t have to. Patience was primed for her run.

Dogs and Cats June 27 2013 003

Okay, so maybe not…she was mainly nonplussed that Mommy woke up cranky and saying a few naughty things.

I was also feeling a little off because the weather change triggered some allergies, and my throat felt like I’d been rubbing the inside with sandpaper. Since I otherwise felt fine I prepped to head out for the Sunday runs though.

I’m realizing that Patience really dislikes running on the track; I spend a good portion of my time dragging her behind me and trying to keep my pace high enough that she runs but low enough that she doesn’t become an anchor. I assure you that I’m not very fast, but she’s convinced that running in a circle is cruel and unusual punishment. I like not having to worry about weird surprises popping up from around corners.

The track was partially flooded this morning because it’s at the bottom of a hill, but the majority of the puddle was in the grassy area at the middle. I guess the drainage at the outside edges of the track failed miserably in managing runoff. We still managed our 2.75 miles on the track and made it home, so even with Patience’s lack of enthusiasm it was a good run.

I even managed to push myself hard enough to break a sweat! Now that I’m done with Perdy’s walk/run as well I can settle in with my tea with lemon and honey, do some yoga, and then relax for the rest of my day. I have another e-ARC to read, so I can provide feedback to the author.


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