Anatomy of a Sunday

With all my animals even my weekends are on a pretty tight schedule, at least when it comes to getting up! However, there are some variations depending on weather, what I need to get done, and whether or not I need to leave the house.

Today so far:

6AM Alarm goes off, bemoan that the rain is more of a drizzle, so I can’t count it as a “bath” for the dogs getting walks
6:05AM After throwing on dog walking clothes shuffle outside to feed the neighborhood cat who hangs out on my porch for breakfast/second breakfast every morning. Cat is very talkative today. Much happier with Special Kitty pate over Friskies flakes in gravy.
6:10AM Put Akane and Miki in bedroom, then chase Suzuka around the living room before she finally goes into crate. Try not to scream.
6:15AM Make it out the door while Patience tries to play tug of war with the leash portion of the waist belt. Successfully convince her to let go of leash when we hit the end of the driveway. Drizzle has kept other dog walkers inside, so we miss the guy who runs his yellow labby looking dog next to his bike. Win! Run to school, do our 2.5 miles on the track, run home.
6:45AM Crate Patience, go to feed cats. Feel successful given there are no hairballs in the cat room this morning.
6:47AM Set up hose sprayer in guest bathroom, so I have no excuse to avoid bathing dogs after I finish walks.
6:50AM Leash up Perdy, head out for 2 mile walk/run. Stop at end of drive way so Perdy can start her pee marking.
6:55AM Drag Perdy out of a bush because she is convinced that the neighborhood cats are too stupid to find a dry place in the wet. This repeats multiple times over course of walk.
7:00AM Insert multiple treats into Perdy as we walk north on Metric, so she doesn’t try to “catch” the few cars passing us.
7:05AM Attempt to convince Perdy that a run includes moving at a steady pace. Fail miserably. We stop every few feet, so she can leave p-mail.
7:30AM Finally make it back to house. Finishing setting up bathroom to bathe dogs.
7:40AM Track Perdy down to where she is unsuccessfully trying to hide in her room to avoid bath. Nearly pass out lifting sixty pound dog to shoulder level. Bath is mostly uneventful.
7:50AM Drag Patience out of crate for bath. She pancakes on the bathroom floor and has to be manhandled into tub. Anal glands are expressed on edge of tub. Acts abused the entire time and gives me accusatory glare at end of bath.
8:00AM Suzuka is not pleased about bath, but she is only 27 pounds. Acts unhappy but tolerates bathing.
8:10AM Pick poop off bedroom floor, then drag Akane out from under bed for bath. Keeps trying to climb out of tub. Runs back under bed the moment bath is over. After door is shut dries off on bed sheets.
8:20AM Chase Miki and get him into bathroom. Voluntarily jumps into tub and allows washing. No longer smells like cat pee.
8:25AM Debate whether or not it is too early to start day drinking. Start laundry made up of wet towels from dog baths and make salads for weekday lunches instead.
8:30 Feed dogs and decide that plan to avoid napping today is probably a bad idea. Thank my lucky stars that I don’t bathe my cats.

I will try to get some yoga done this morning as well, but I’m feeling wiped after struggling with baths. I’m seeing a lot of reading, watching TV, and doing nothing!


About jlscaife

30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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