Autumnal Envy

As I’ve said before Central Texas has two seasons: burning and almost not burning, so I scoff and roll my eyes when I hear ads talking about how a chill is in the air and the leaves changing to usher in fall. The closest Austin is going to get to these mythical things in September is dipping below the triple digit mark on a regular basis. We’ve been gifted with a few nights hitting the low 60’s in city limits, but those of us who have grown up in the region know better than to expect any serious cool weather until late October or November.

I envy people who live in parts of the country where autumn actually means something. I want to see the amazing things I’ve only experienced via TV and movies or heard about in books. Realistically I know that no one spends cool fall evenings drinking cider and have hayrides constantly. No one actually enjoys all the classic sights and scents of autumn every moment of every day.

So why don’t I just move? My family is here in Central Texas, and being near them is important to me especially as my parents age. I also have a boyfriend, a network of friends, and volunteer opportunities that keep me strongly rooted here. It doesn’t hurt that I grew up in Austin, so I just feel like it’s home even when I grump about the zillionth day of 100+ degree temps in August and walking outside is less comfortable than spending hours in a steam room.

Maybe I just need to find somewhere in my small, already crowded house to close off and create my own faux autumn every year…or I could just stock up on Glade’s seasonal scented candles/wax melts to huff as needed. Maybe then my autumnal envy will wane just a little.


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30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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2 Responses to Autumnal Envy

  1. Beth C. says:

    Alas, you have more seasonal weather than I do! I’m rejoicing because this is the first week that will be completely below 100.

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