Adventures in Sugar Waxing or How I Ended up With Sugar Syrup Coating My Legs

I really hate shaving. It’s a combination of having been a serious swimmer during my early teen years, so I only shaved for big meets and being cursed with genetics that include healthy hair growth on the extremities. No, it’s not my hormones. My estrogen levels actually trend toward high in comparison with my testosterone levels. Look at my dad’s legs sometime, and you’ll see who I take after in that department. Within a day or two of shaving I have noticeable stubble again, but my skin screams if I try to shave frequently. It’s loads of fun.

After hearing numerous radio ads about laser treatment and devices that are guaranteed to provide smooth, hairless skin I decided to try a technique I’d only heard about: sugaring; I just needed to to check the faithful internet for instructions.

Sugaring is very similar to waxing. The primary difference is that you utilize a sugar syrup mixture instead of wax. It’s a lot easier to whip up since the ingredients are present in most households while I don’t know many people who sit around with pounds of waxing compounds unless they operate a salon out of their homes. I found a simple instructional guide online, and I read through it at work, remembering to bookmark it to reference at home. At this point in time it was only a vague idea in my mind, and I had no plans of attempting it in the near future.

However, by around 6:30 Tuesday evening I felt twitchy and in need of activity. Watching Wonderfalls wasn’t going to cut it since I wanted to be doing or creating something. I remembered the sugaring mixture recipe, and I decided that it would be a fun and useful way to test its effectiveness.

I started off well although I decided to substitute brown sugar for white since I had a bag in the fridge that needed to be used up (mistake #1). While I melted the sugar, lemon juice, and water mixture over high heat on the stove (mistake #2), I cut an old T-shirt into strips to lay over the mixture. I did remember to let the sugar mixture sit for 15 minutes or so before attempting to put it on my legs because I had no desire to attempt to give myself third degree burns. When it reached a honey like consistency, I decided to head toward the tub to try application (mistake #3).

Instead of starting with one portion of my leg as a test I decided to slather my legs in brown sugar-lemon syrup mixture and pressed T-shirt pieces into the mess. I pulled the first strip off immediately and stared in confusion at the lack of hair on the backside, just saturation from the moist mixture. The other strips produced the same result. I tried reapplying a couple of times since there was plenty of sugar mixture, and I only succeeded in making my male dog, Miki, very happy (he likes to lick my legs when I shave…at least I didn’t have to worry about him becoming sick from the “chemicals” in the mixture). Finally, I gave up in confusion and had to wash my legs down and rinse the tub thoroughly to avoid attracting insects to the sweet residue.

I re-read the instructions after I finished clean up. My major failure was not paying attention to the note that your leg hair must be at least a half inch long for sugaring to work (I have leg hair issues, but I don’t wait that long typically). I also didn’t cook the mixture long enough or at the correct heat plus I’d substituted in a recipe I was unfamiliar with, a mistake I’ve made before. I also failed to wait long enough for the mixture to cool; it wasn’t sticky enough to work as a wax on my skin.

I’m honestly not sure if I’ll attempt this again since I really don’t want to let my leg hair grow out that much. It also really was a bit of a mess. On the plus side Miki did have a good time, and he was only a little wired from the extra sugar!


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