My Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

Most people who care about the AMC TV series The Walking Dead have probably seen and discussed the season 3 finale ad nauseum. However, since I don’t have AMC or utilize streaming services at home, I just finished watching the last season. Admittedly I had been spoiled for a lot of the series, and I knew the highlights of the final episode, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of how things played out.

I thought that the season finale played out in the most logical manner unlike many detractors of the episode, who were disappointed that there was no major firefight between Woodbury and the group at the prison. However, it makes sense for the prison group to not try to face the Governor head on. They knew they were outmanned and outgunned; being sneaky and trying to allow the Governor’s people to self-destruct was the safest, wiliest choice. The decision also panned out because Rick and his group survived to fight another day.

My primary shock of the episode was Milton’s betrayal of the Governor and his subsequent death. Up until the final episode he hadn’t seemed strong enough to make a moral call opposing his Governor. I was also sad to see Milton leave the series since I’d gotten begrudgingly fond of the awkward, nerdy character. Ultimately, the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead worked for me, and I thought it was one of the better episodes from the season. Now I’m eagerly counting down the days until season 4 starts.


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