Major Milestone

As of yesterday afternoon I have gotten my basic thoughts and story line for Naomi and Ruth completely down on paper! The idea started when I wrote “With All the Best Intentions” back in college, and I finally brought the cycle of linked short stories to an end. It’s interesting to see how my writing style and outlook has changed since I was 19. I definitely have a more serious tone in Naomi’s second story, and it’s significantly darker than the piece I turned in for a grade. I wonder if the professor would have liked the later pieces better.

Obviously, each story needs major revisions, but I have to step away from it for a while to clear my brain. The only exception is that I wrote Ruth’s story in the 3rd person while every other character’s narrative was in the 1st person. I definitely want to go back and change Ruth’s to fit with the other parts better. I’m just giving myself a few days to recover from the emotional impact of Naomi’s tale before diving back into Ruth’s brain.

I’ll be able to focus more on Portia and Roscoe’s story since I’m not desperately trying to get the clone stories out of my mind, which will make my dog loving friends and followers happy. To me there is only one possible conclusion to the current plot, but, obviously, there are more stories to be written about a girl and her dog.


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