My Current Fascination with The Yankee Marshal on YouTube

I stumbled upon The Yankee Marshal’s YouTube channel when one of his videos was linked through a web comic I read, Failure to Fire. As a Texan I have a fairly blase attitude about fire arms although I’m not completely opposed to certain types of controls. I don’t feel that full out gun bans are appropriate either though.

The Yankee Marshal is the first gun advocate who seems to have similar views to myself, in part because he is significantly more liberal than the average online gun supporter. He is also funny, a foster and adoptive parent, and strong supporter of animal welfare (he uses the term rights in his videos, but given he supports hunting for population control and food I’m sure it must be welfare). I don’t agree with everything The Yankee Marshal says, but he uses reasonable arguments for his stances and tries to avoid just playing to emotions. His humour videos are great as well, and he generally tries to keep some levity along with information in even his more serious videos. I’ve even learned how to install a gun safe in my car although I neither own a gun nor a gun safe.

The main appeal of The Yankee Marshal for me, though, is that I can listen to his videos while working on other things. I find his voice soothing without putting me to sleep, so I can stay focused without outside distractions. I somehow become more productive when I listen to his videos while writing or reading digital media on the computer. Admittedly, every so often the video will address something that makes me click over for the picture as well as the audio, but the channel works well for something to keep me entertained while occupied with busy tasks.If you like guns, like middle-aged gun-loving rednecks, or just want to try something different from your usual YouTube fare I suggest trying The Yankee Marshal’s videos out. He’s informative, funny, and all around enjoyable.


About jlscaife

30 something year old animal rescuer, aspiring writer, and all around geek
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