The Works of MeiLin Miranda

I became acquainted with indie author MeiLin Miranda via the BPAL forums several years ago. BPAL is the short term used to refer to perfume phenomenon Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, the brain child of Elizabeth Barrial and her brother, Brian. They came up with the idea for BPAL when searching for scents that appealed to people with darker tastes than the commercially popular cotton candy unicorn farts and florals. However, the perfume oils soon reached a wider market, and a huge variety of individuals converge on the fan forum to chat perfume and connect over other mutual interests.

I didn’t actually read any of MeiLin’s works until I saw a Facebook ad comparing her novel, “Lovers and Beloveds,” to Jacqueline Carey’s writing. Since I am a huge Carey fan as well as recognizing MeiLin’s name I immediately went to Amazon to purchase a copy. To be honest the only real comparison between MeiLin’s and Carey’s works is the nonjudgmental way each author approaches the sexual relations of the various characters. However, “Lovers and Beloveds” was still quite riveting. I anxiously bit my nails until the second volume, “Son in Sorrow,” was released, and I immediately purchased a copy.

To see how much I enjoyed “Lovers and Beloveds” read my brand spanking new review over at Fanboy Comics!

I am not a good fan though since I allowed new shinier things to distract me from reading Miranda’s other works, several of which are available for free on her website. She has created fantasy Westerns, steampunk inspired works, and many short stories dealing with the erotic and/or the fantastical.

If any of the above appeal to you, I strongly recommend checking MeiLin out as soon as possible. You will find a plethora of enjoyment and entertainment.

MeiLin Miranda lives in Portland, OR with her husband and two daughters, one of whom is following in her mother’s creative footsteps in her efforts to create comics/manga.


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