Adding Another Quarter Mile

Today is September 1st, and it signals the day that Patience and I add another quarter mile on the middle school track. That quarter mile is just an extra lap around the track, but psychologically it means a lot. We have gotten stronger and can handle a little extra distance. I don’t count the run to and from my house in the running distance with Patience because I really don’t know how far it is. I take two different routes depending on the day of the week (Thursdays is a shorter route that keeps me in the neighborhood while I run along a major roadway on Sundays).

The heat and humidity this morning was pretty intense, but we still finished.  Patience has even gotten over her issues about having to just run in a circle with no dogs to bark at.


Patience is the leggy redhead prostrating herself before an underage boy.  The handsome little man is Chico, a 6-7 month old dachshund/something much larger mix, who is currently available for adoption at the Austin Humane Society.

My extra quarter mile is also significant because on Sundays I run with Patience and then take Perdy out for a 2 mile walk/run combo. By the time I’m done I’m ready to just take a shower and relax for a little while. After all that running around I think I’ve earned it.


Here is Perdy looking unimpressed at the idea of running more than she has to.


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One Response to Adding Another Quarter Mile

  1. Jess Wilson says:

    Oh Perds, you’re so stinkin cute. Congratulations on adding the quarter mile! Great job!

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