Triage #1, Comic Book Review

Triage is the flag ship mature reader title for fledgling indie comic publisher WE Comics ( who also produce the all ages titles How I Spent My Summer Invasion and Jimmy Brass, 2nd Grade Detective. Issue one contains a trifecta of awesome: a female writer, Mairghread Scott (Transformers Prime, Rage of the Dinobots); a female artist, newcomer Candace Ellis; and a heroine who manages to be super without resorting to becoming a super skimpy sex symbol.

Cassandra “Cassie” Jurich is a 26 year old EMT who feels her only exceptional talent is her ability to help the injured patients she encounters in her job. However, when she is critically injured while trying to save a victim and survives with minimal recovery time, it becomes clear that Cassie possesses something extraordinary.  There are hints of a mysterious organization tracking down individuals with these special abilities to eliminate or control them, and the young gun shot victim Cassie encounters at the end of the volume probably is another of these remarkable cases.

Ellis’ artwork uses soft lines and is slightly cartoony, but it works well to moderate the harshness of Cassie’s injuries and the strange world she plunges into at the book’s end. Unfortunately, she no longer appears to be associated with future issues as I would like to see how her artwork develops as the story progresses.

My only real complaint with Triage #1 is that due to the  nature of single comic book issues it was too short! Why does Cassie have her super healing abilities? Who is this organization that is tracking her down? Who is the mysterious girl Cassie swears to protect at the end of the issue?

To find out and support other great indie comic books check out the Golden Apple Productions Indiegogo campaign at! All funds will go to producing quality indie works like Triage and support creator owned works.

Overall, Triage is a great read that will appeal to anyone who likes comics with a healthy dose of realism and sympathetic characters.

4 1/2 Emergency Blood Transfusions of 5


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